Zombie Gun Accessory Store:

The coolest gun accessories for competition or zombie apocalypse attacks from the undead. Gun stocks, scopes, ammunition, pepper spray, zombie targets.


Preparing for the coming Zombie Apocalypse? We've got what you need! Andean Inc. has set up this page for all you Zombie blasters involved in Zombie style 3 gun competition shooting matches, Doomsday preparation people, folks who love neon green, folks who love glow-in-the-dark stuff, and those who just plain get a kick out of both guns and zombie movies. Whatever your reason, you'll find a lot of cool gear here at our Zombie Gun Accessory Store.

Zombie undead cowboy shooter Coming soon to a movie theater near you... Uh, well... Featured on these pages are hot zombie gun accessories to impress even the zombie hoards! Hornady's super cool Zombie-Max polymer-cavity hollow point and Z-MAX bullet ammunition will put 'em down with the first shot. Rising from the dead, from Birchwood Casey are colorful, funny Darkotic paper targets. For a good time at the "chopping mall", get a Kabar "ZK" Zombie Killer knife, dagger, bowie, machete, or short sword in a fashionably chic shade of Toxic Green. If you're looking to complement your ensemble for the zombie shooting match, look no further than Hogue's awesome neoprene rubber pistol and revolver grips, Remington or Mossberg shotgun sets, or AR15/M4 and AK47 gun stocks; when exposed to light, they mildly glow-in-the-dark in fluorescent green. By "mildly," we mean they glow enough for you to see it at a short distance, but your zombie enemy can't see it from 12 feet away. They're cool, and won't give away your position to the undead.

Zombie undead hand reaching from the graveHandgun lasers have become a common sight with post-911, always "be prepared" thinking. Laserlyte and Crimson Trace lasergrips have gun lasers for specific handgun models, as well as lasers that attach to Picatinny rails (military type ladder rails, such as found on AR15's and M4's) and Glock type rails (under the barrel and in front of the trigger guard). Nothing is quicker "on target" than a laser... nothing!

There are some superb (yes, that means "pricey" also) zombie tactical optics from Eotech and Leupold. Leupold's Zombie competition scope incorporates variable power, tough craftsmanship, compact design, and trajectory compensation for .223 and .308 type rifle trajectories. Eotech's red dot is a non-night-vision-compatible version of the famous 512 holographic red dot sight. What really catches the eye is its "haz-mat / biohazard" reticle. It is one of the most impressive reticle designs ever made for a red dot.

One more product of interest is Sabre's Zombie pepper spray. It is legal in all 50 U.S. States, and makes for a good car or out-in-public companion for repelling the zombie hoards.